CSM Fusion 2017

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Our Fusion 2017 event is key for Student Groups to go deeper, faster! The Fusion event is from 4-6pm at Calvary Church, followed by dinner and a sleepover at host homes for each Student Group to continue getting to know each other and bond.

Fusion 2017 Schedule

10/14 Saturday: 4-6pm at Calvary Church

  • Student Groups will meet at CSM for our Fusion Event and a snack.
  • CSM Fusion Shirts will be available for pre-sale online and at the event for cash only ($15).
  • After this event, Student Groups will go to a host home for dinner and a sleepover

10/15 Sunday: 9:15am at Calvary Church

  • Students have breakfast at their host homes and then arrive at CSM by 9:15am
  • Students wear their CSM Fusion shirts to church (if purchased).

Notes for Parents:

  • Please consider hosting your student’s small group for the sleepover.
  • Please let the leader know if you could assist with transportation for the event.
A limited number of shirts are available for purchase; pre-order online during registration or purchase at the event for $15 (cash only at event).
  • $0Student
  • $0Leader

Optional Add-Ons

  • CSM Fusion 2017 Shirt: $15
  • CSM Fusion 2016 Shirt - Last Year's Shirt: $5
Not On Sale

Event Details

  • Oct 14
    4:00 pm
    Oct 15
    12:00 pm